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Grateful Dead Live at Thompson Arena, Dartmouth College on 1978-05-05

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Grateful Dead Live at Thompson Arena, Dartmouth College on 1978-05-05

Topics Live concert

Promised Land, Dire Wolf, Cassidy, Candyman, El Paso, They Love Each Other, Passenger, Brown Eyed Women, Lazy Lightning-> Supplication Bertha-> Good Lovin', Ship of Fools, Estimated Prophet-> Eyes Of The World-> Drums-> Not Fade Away-> Stella Blue-> Around & Around, E: Werewolves of London

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Thompson Arena, Dartmouth College
Location Hanover, NH

Source Audience Recording: NAK CM700, Sony 158SD
Lineage AUDMC> TASCAM 112MKII > Sony PCM-500 > HHB800
Taped by Barry Glassberg
Transferred by John Steinthal


Source: Recorded NAK CM700, Sony 158SD by Barry Glassberg
Lineage: AUDMC> TASCAM 112MKII > Sony PCM-500 > HHB800 by John Steinthal
SHN Encoding: EAC(secure) > mkwact > SHN(seekable) by Matt Vernon via Mark Cohen


Reviewer: voxrock - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 12, 2015
Subject: Ha Ha
Weir to everyone right before Estimated 'the gist of the situation is you guys are all fucked up. 10:13
Reviewer: erk-13 - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 24, 2013
Subject: Beautiful Day
Cruised up from UMass with a van full of Heads for the show. Gorgeous day, got in early and stumbled into the Dead crew BBQing on the lawn behind Thompson. Had pictures taken by Jim Anderson tossing the disc with the boys. Micky and Phil were in some of the shots. Tried for years to get those pictures. Great shroom day and show....lousy sound in that place and while not up to the level that we had all been spoiled on from the shows from the Spring 77 shows before nobody went away unhappy. We did all agree that the slide guitar work was better left to brother Duane. First Werefolf was quite the mind blower.
Reviewer: deadhead#1 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 4, 2013
Subject: Virginity Lost
So happy to see this show posted here, what a great surprise. They say you never forget your first, and it's true, I'll never forget this show, my first, and we camped out two days to get tickets, awesome seats just a few rows back. The boys were happy, smiling and animated. The atmosphere was great. The sound quality kind of sucked, but it didn't seem to matter a bit to the band or to me, I was so close I was hearing Jerry's stage monitor more than the PA. I remember his twin blue speakers powered by what looked like a Fender head, idk.

The audience was electric, a lot of college students. The dead were on the college circuit tour and a lot of great shows came off this tour like UVM and cornell. This recording is amazing, considering, and I haven't heard any others, so yea I am so thrilled. The first set was fantastic, highlighted by some wild jams like cassidy. jerry's ballads were poignant and his singing was soulful. The break seemed forever, but we were rewarded with rockin bertha>good lovin before jerry brought it down with ship of fools. Most of the time people were standing on their chairs. The energy stayed high throughout - wow, amazing Estimated, "CALIFORNIA!!" never forget that. I could go on and on. I'm pretty sure I had an out of body experience during drums/space before they reeled it back in for the fun NFA. I'll never forget the stella blue, brought tears. still dancin on the chairs for around & around. at the time i didn't realize how unusual it would turn out to be - a Werewolves encore, that I don't believe I ever heard again, despite hundreds of shows.... wow thanks for posting this show!

PS, just realized there's another version of this a SBD version here:

Reviewer: Miki Dora - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 22, 2011
Subject: We are the eyes of the world
One of the few shows I was at the stage. Held a spot right in front of Garcia. Super friendly crowd scene, everything being passed around. I wore a green trucker cap with a big eye in the front center. During 2nt set, he looked down at me, stared through me with intensity of the universe, nodded at me, then steered the band into Eyes. Didn't make the connection of what had just happened until I heard tapes years later.
Reviewer: brendanmcauley - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 1, 2006
Subject: Its Live GD-and its KIND!
Dartmouth + live dead at hockey rink in '78= fun.

If you like good quality audience shows then this one is for you. It snot A+ but it is b+/A- quality. Nothing overly spectacular-werewolves was like the mid 80's 'Gloria" and estimated>eyes preceeded by Bertha Good Lovin Ship is not really a suprise for this year but tis played exactly how it hsould be and its fun show. I just listened to the entire second set. I assume set 1 is equal caliber to set 2.

I am impressed more and more with the quality you audience uploads. Thanks so much to those of you who share what you have. I have several 100 sbds I got off this site a couple years ago..happy to share: -lets trade!
Reviewer: itasca777 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 1, 2006
Subject: neato
Another Dartmouth-ite here. This show is nice. It's such a detour from the venues the Dead were playing. An ice arena up in the woods in the springtime, a long drive from anywhere else.

One of the main guys in the mailroom at Dartmouth went to the show and he said he drove the Dead's van/limo back down to NYC after the show. Apparently there was a big party in Levrone field house too.

For this rather odd show, the band plays like absolute champs. This Barry Glassberg edition is the best available; no low bass, but you can hear everything pretty well. If this ain't a really good Dead show then I never heard one. Treat yourself and get in the groove. A good 1978 show in every way.
Reviewer: DChia - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 12, 2006
Subject: Thanks from an alumnus
As a graduate of Dartmouth College, I thank you for posting this show. The sound quality of this recording is pretty good, especially since the venue is a small concrete hockey arena.
Reviewer: DChia - favoritefavoritefavorite - January 11, 2006
Subject: Thanks from an alumnus
As a graduate of Dartmouth College, I thank you for posting this show.
Reviewer: DeadHead in Honduras - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 25, 2005
Subject: But I was there, man
Have to say I to am ambivalent about Donna. But I was there, and this was NOT one of her nights. Besides it was in a hockey arena that had never held a show of any kind (hell, the administration almost let these "longharis" play anywhere on campus. But it sounded like a tin can, I guess she couldn't hear her monitors and looked PISSED almost the entire show. Then in the middle of a tune (I will listen and figger out which), she stopped signing and stormed off stage...but you know, the boys didnt seem to miss her...
Reviewer: f@!^yeah - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 25, 2005
Subject: Werewolves
The vibe is soooooooooo alive when I here (hear) Jerry prance through a nice Werewolves encore.

Thanks again.
Reviewer: yippierb - favoritefavorite - May 1, 2005
Subject: your kidding..right
"One of the things that turned me on about the dead was DonnaÃÂs voice."?
Nice lady, great voice in her own element, the band could have done without her and would have been better for it. Keith was a energy drag after 72 also. The Dead always needed the Hammond B3 Pig had it. Brent had it and the 88's(despite other shortfalls the sob could play). Vince, please....they would've been better without him too!
Reviewer: sinceamelia3 - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 8, 2005
Subject: Quality of recording
This show has the enrgy and setlist to appeal to me but the recording quality isnt that great. There are far better recordings on the site. I downloaded the HIFI mp3. It is definitly listenable but I say move on unless you are a completeist or dont mind not perfect recording. I havent checked the other upload of the show. It could be a little better quality. I still give it 3 because i like warewolves of london, i always like to hear the dead cover this song.
Reviewer: Filiberto Penwarden - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 9, 2005
Subject: capn doubledose commentary is fu_ked up.
Follow up to Follow up-- perhaps Doubledose meant to say that "There are [(cross out "never")] nights where she [Donna] lifts the band [but that this was not one of those nights[?]]"

++++ Follow up (original follows)

I did not criticize Doubledose for his critique of Donna's performance during this show. (Certainly, I agree with Doubledose that we are all entitled to criticize poor performances.) I criticised Doubledose for saying that "[t]here are never nights where she [Donna] lifts the band"-- an accross-the-board statement that I still think is unfair.
I said "possibly misogynistic"-- and I direct that more at deadheads as a whole... I don't mean to single-out Doubledose. ---more to come

[original follows]
[my star rating is arbitrary, I didn't listen to the whole show, but was forced to give a rating to place this review]

"There are never nights where she [Donna] lifts the band"
---Captain Doubledose

Sorry, but I have to break the reviewing rules here. Cap(tain)n Doubledose's commentary in his review of this show is gratuitous, dumb, hurtful, ahistorical, and possibly misogynistic. To say that Donna never lifted up the band is complete nonsense. Donna takes a lot of shit from ungrateful deadheads. Undeservedly so, and IÃÂm tired of it. I will be the first to admit that Donna at times has sang out of tune. But really, that can be said of other of the band members as well. The Dead had many instances of poor singing and terrible harmonies long before Donna came on the scene. Yet, Donna, coincidentally the only woman in the band, takes all the shit (IÃÂm a guy, incidentally). One of the things that turned me on about the dead was DonnaÃÂs voice. Sure, she has had her down performances (which were not always her fault, given that monitors donÃÂt always, and did not, do their job right), but when she was on, she was great. Simple point, her singing on Cornell 77, her singing in the Grateful Dead Movie, her singing in Many Many other great shows. I think Donna is under-appreciated because people really donÃÂt realize/understand how much she added to the harmonies and also to the instrumental numbers (such as Playing and Scarlet). Only when she messed up, it seems, did people notice (and letÃÂs face it, the Dead were far from perfect, screwed up semi-regularly, and we still love(d) them-- warts and all). I think that DonnaÃÂs sound was not only right for the band, but that the band was on the whole much greater as a result of her voice and presence. (IÃÂm also a huge fan of KeithÃÂs. The addition of this couple to the band was fantastic!). Anyway, I think itÃÂs fine to comment on DonnaÃÂs singing as one sees fit concerning particular shows. But, to say that she never lifted up the band is really outrageous. Captain Doubledose should also be cognizant of the fact that Donna is still around.
Reviewer: capn doubledose - favoritefavoritefavorite - January 24, 2005
Subject: Not Donna's best night
There are never nights where she lifts the band, but there are definately nights where her off key singing drags everyone down and lazy lightning>supp she bears down heavy, estimated. Not a bad show apart from that but pretty run of the mill '78 for the most part. Especially when compared to the following night however NFA>Stella>arnd they do partially redeem the show.

+++ Follow up: In general I am pretty gracious when reviewing these shows (250+ and counting)and have never said anything hurtful about anyone however I think everyone can agree we are entitled to point out weaknesses from time to time and IMHO she is not an asset at Darmouth for the most part. I am aware she is still alive (so is Vanilla Ice) but that does not exempt her from criticizing her poor singing, vibe wrecking, and mercurial behavior. Thats not mysoginistic, its a fact. she was the one that walked off the stage more than once and later took to pulling no shows and they succeeded despite her. You can check my posting this is the one and ONLY negative appraisal of Donna so I suggest you finish listening to the show, calm down, and consider if there is any merit to what I am saying. This is not directed at Donna because she is a woman rather that she can be an uneven team member sometimes.

Peace and many blessings,
Capn Doubledose
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